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Fix your swim in 8-weeks with our latest free triathlon training plan

Fix Your Swimming Triathlon Training Plan

Fix Your Swimming Triathlon Training Plan

This plan is for anyone who has adopted the ‘bury your head in the sand’ approach to triathlon swimming. Don’t worry, it happens a lot! People often enter a race, do the cycle and run training and conveniently ignore the swimming part. And then – normally with around two months to go, and sometimes less – they wake up in a panic and wonder how on earth they’re going to finish the race.

That’s why the training in this eight-week schedule is focused on fixing your swimming in the shortest time possible. There are still cycling and running sessions to be done, but they’re designed to be super-efficient so you can dedicate more of your time where it’s needed most: in the pool or open water.

As you may have realised by now, swimming is as much about technique as it is about fitness, so it’s not enough to simply plough mindlessly up and down the pool thinking about last night’s TV. We’ve included six drills for you to practise, and worked them into some of the swim sessions prescribed in the plan. There’s another skill you’ll need to master too – open-water swimming – so in the last four weeks of this plan we suggest you do some outdoor wetsuit swimming before your race.

Beyond these plans, you should try to get one-to-one help from a swim coach or someone who knows their stuff. Self-help is good, but you just can’t beat someone showing you how to swim properly.
As with previous training plans, there’s a Training Zones section that describes the correct bike and run training intensities. Feel free to swap the sessions around to suit your weekly routine, but try not to take shortcuts.

Triathlons are far more enjoyable when you’re confident about your swimming, so make sure you put in the hard work. It’s only for eight weeks, and two of those are recovery weeks anyway.

Download the Fix Your Triathlon Swim Plan

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