Triathlon Training

  • Swimming & Mindfulness

    Swimming & Mindfulness

    25th March 2019

    Terry Laughlin, founder of the Total Immersion Swimming technique sadly lost his battle with prostate cancer in October 2017, but his teachings live on after him. In May of the same year Terry wrote about the meditative benefits which swimming…

  • Spicy Solution For Strength Loss

    Spicy Solution For Strength Loss

    23rd March 2019

    If you’re training hard, a loss of short term muscle strength is an inevitable part of exercise, but scientists may have found a spicy solution to the problem… In a study1 researchers asked participants to perform high intensity arm exercises,…

  • Banana & Oat Pancakes

    Banana & Oat Pancakes

    21st March 2019

    Start your day with the ultimate training breakfast, perfect for carb loading says Nutrition X’s Danny Webber This is a great meal for triathletes and can be effective either the day before for carb loading or in the hours before…

  • Weight Management, the Paradox

    Weight Management, the Paradox

    26th February 2019

    How do I lose weight but not compromise training? Weight management is a topic that competitive endurance athletes love to discuss. The issue is how do you reduce your calorific intake enough to lose weight but ensure you have adequate…

  • Which Flavour Will You Choose?

    Which Flavour Will You Choose?

    25th February 2019

    Whether you’re a super snacker or a serial grazer, it’s time to transform the way you treat yourself with the Dark Chocolate Raspberry and White Chocolate Salted Peanut Carb Killa® bars from Grenade®. Infamous for creating indulgent yet healthy snacks,…

  • Trio Of World Class Straight Line Swimming CPDs

    Trio Of World Class Straight Line Swimming CPDs

    11th February 2019

    The Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) has partnered and endorsed a trio of new Straight-Line Swimming CPDs, which have been created by double open water 10k World Champion and silver Olympic medalist Keri-anne Payne and triple Olympian David Carry.  Their new…

  • Over-Training: Avoid Burnout

    Over-Training: Avoid Burnout

    8th February 2019

    We’ve all heard the saying ‘No pain, no gain’, but is this really the best advice? Triathlon training is sometimes a tricky balance. Most of us know that in order to improve at triathlon, you need to train hard and…

  • Advice for Morning Training: What To Eat

    Advice for Morning Training: What To Eat

    7th February 2019

    Training in the morning is the only way that many athletes can fit workouts into their day and therefore knowing what to eat and how to fuel your body is very important. What you should eat will depend on the type of training you plan on doing.

  • How To Avoid Getting Colds & Viruses While Training

    How To Avoid Getting Colds & Viruses While Training

    17th January 2019

    How to use moderate training to boost immunity and reduce the risk of catching colds and viruses If your training has been blighted by colds and flu, there may be more than bad luck at play. Research shows that intense…