Being prepared ahead of a race will be crucial to your success, so keep these tips in mind…


1 Rest It’s best to do as little physical activity as possible in the 24 hours leading up to the race

2 Food You need to pack in the carbs the night before, but don’t eat your main meal too late – 6pm is a good time

3 Food You should also eat on the morning of the race, about three hours before the start. About 150g of carbs is perfect here

4 Hydration Make sure you drink a good balance of sports energy drinks and water the night before and on the morning of the race

Triathlon Tips - Raceday ChecklistKIT LIST

1 Forms Entry and registration details, directions to the event, contact details

2 Swimming Kit Cap, wetsuit or swimsuit, ear plugs, two pairs of goggles

3 Cycling Kit Bike, bike clothes, pump, helmet, water bottle, shoes

4 Running Kit Fuel belt, running clothes, shoes, socks, water bottle

5 Miscellaneous Energy drinks, energy bars, energy gels, lube, towel, sun block, wallet


1 Warm Up Don’t forget to do this properly, using your whole body to ensure you’re prepared

2 Tune In Tune yourself up mentally for the race – going through your race plan and thinking relaxed and positive thoughts 10 minutes before the gun can make all the difference. Good luck!