Race Day Tips

  • Want to double your distance?

    Want to double your distance?

    19th November 2015

    If you dream of going longer, Brighton head coach and ZigZag Alive founder Mike Porteous is here to pass on his expert advice.

  • How to get your pre-ride stretch on

    12th November 2015

    Core and flexibility coach Leanne Garner reveals her top dynamic stretches to warm you up for each training session. Pre-ride These five lunges activate the glutes and core as well as stretch the hip flexors. Perform five each side. Forward Lunge Start with feet…

  • Vo2’s beginner’s guide to triathlon

    18th September 2015

    Tailored especially for women, Vo2 has published an in-depth guide to training for your first triathlon , incorporating tips from Leah Peploe, International GB Junior Triathlete and Director at Vo2 Sportswear, Matt Tomkin. Where to start Due to the different distances, anyone…

  • Emma Pallant’s top training tips for Windsor Triathlon

    14th September 2015

    Emma Pallant, Team GB triathlete, shares her top training tips ahead of her appearance at the 26th edition of the Windsor Triathlon. Inspired by the Greek phrase TOLMAO, which means “to dare, endure and be bold”, Emma reveals advice for…

  • How to develop your cornering confidence

    3rd September 2015

    Fast bends lead to faster times when you’re on two wheels Bike handling skills are often overlooked when it comes to triathlon. So preoccupied are we with our fitness, stamina and strength that the technique of riding a bike is rarely a factor in our thinking. One…

  • Sprint triathlon: be race day ready

    18th August 2015

    Coach Phil Mosley tells you everything you need to know to increase your speed and PB for a sprint triathlon… BEAT YOUR NERVES The best mental preparation for triathlon is to do low key single discipline events first. For example, the best…

  • Does race weight matter?

    10th August 2015

    You might be better off working on your power output than trying to diet to a magical number… There is so much controversy over weight and performance it’s enough to make your head spin. The common theory of “less equals fast” gets bandied around a lot, and…

  • Speed up your T2

    24th February 2015

    Run faster with your bike to shave seconds off your next multi-sport race. Are you ready to speed up your T2? 1. CHECK YOUR FRONT END FIRST Keeping your cables, headset and wheels in good order will help your bike stay…

  • Triathlon Transition Tips

    29th May 2014

    Get through transition fast with the perfect set-up, says triathlon coach Phil Mosley Get everything ready to go and zoom through transition, saving valuable time for the rest of your race. Pedal ready For clip-in pedals, leave your shoes attached…