Slicing minutes off your bike leg need not mean taking out another mortgage. Sport scientist Garth Fox explains how to grab yourself some cheap speed…

Ride real world aero


New generation aero helmets will not only save you as much as another minute, but because many have done away with the long tail they can easily double up as your regular road bike helmet.


These allow a lower trunk position and also for you to move your arms closer together. The body represents 70 per cent of total drag so this tweak can save you three minutes over the 40km bike leg.


While deep section wheels are the most aerodynamically efficient they are an expensive way to buy speed. However, a all round option for many would be a 40mm section twinned with 25mm tyres.


Everyone knows triathletes have a penchant for tight fitting Lycra, but for reason. Loose fitting clothing and flapping race numbers cost you as much as 45 seconds over 40km. Be sure to suit up to speed up.


When your speed is high enough and pedaling is not warranted, aim to touch the top bar with both knees while keeping your pedals horizontal. More speed will never come cheaper!


Reaching down for bottles, means all the aero tricks in the world will make no difference. Hydration systems which have drinking tubes are a great way of shaving off another 30 seconds for little outlay.

Make it work for you

Be sure to practise your aero tuck on your training rides as it can feel a little different and you don’t want to be experimenting on race day.

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