After a long season of racing, it’s an ideal time to re-focus on running speed with this triathlon training plan. Get ready to run your quickest 10K ever!

This triathlon plan is designed to help you set a new PB for running a 10K in just six weeks time – while maintaining your cycling and swimming fitness. It’s based on three runs per week, two swims and two cycles. The swims and cycles will help maintain your existing fitness, so you can concentrate on your running. The run sessions themselves are quite tough and specifically geared towards helping you run a faster 10K race. However, if you want to run more than three times per week you could add two more midweek sessions of around 40-50 minutes at a comfortable pace – as long as you’re still fresh for the key sessions.

Before you start this programme it’s a good idea to do a 5K race, to see how fit you are right now. For example, parkruns are free and held weekly ( This helps you set a realistic target for an upcoming 10K and gives you a target pace for some of the training sessions that you’ll do in this six-week plan. That way you’ll be basing your hopes on recent data instead of an over-optimistic idea of what you might do.

Try to run at a track (midweek), on a treadmill or anywhere with a watch that measures pace and distance. The Monday sessions are at your 5K race pace and the Thursday sessions are at your approximate 3K race pace. The ultimate aim is that after six weeks you’ll be able to run 10K at a greater percentage of your 5K race pace than you could previously. Of course, it also depends on the course and conditions on the day, so try and pick a fast flat course if possible.

In addition to the swimming, cycling and running there are optional stretching sessions and core stability workouts to do each week. These will help you stay strong and avoid injury. Each workout also uses Training Zones (see descriptions on left) to help you train at the right intensity. It helps if you have a heart-rate monitor, but it’s not essential. There is also a Key to help you understand abbreviations. Most importantly, listen to your body and if you feel excessively fatigued or sore, take two days off and then reassess before you resume any training.

Is this 10k training plan for you?

Goal: 10K running race PB

Timescale: 6 weeks

Start Point: Swim 1km, cycle 1 hour, run 50 minutes

Level: Beginner

Training Zones Guide

Zone Description Heart Rate (% max) RPE 1-10 Accumulated Intensity
Z1 Recovery 55-70 less than 2 1-6 hours Easy
Z2 Endurance 70-75 2-3 1-3 hours Steady
Z3 Tempo 75-80 3-4 50-90 mins Comfortable
Z4 Threshold 80-88 4-6 10-60 mins Uncomfortable
Z5 VO2 Max 80-88 more than 7 12-30 mins Hard to very hard


WU Warm up, MAIN Main set, WD Warm down, FC Front crawl, PULL Front crawl with a pull-buoy float between your thighs, KICK Kick with a float held out in front, SECS seconds, Z1 Training Zone 1, Z2 Training Zone 2 Z3Training Zone 3, Z4 Training Zone 4, Z5 Training Zone 5, DRILL Your preference of swim technique drill, BACK Backstroke, BREAST Breaststroke, BUILD Gradually increase your pace.

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Photo Robert Pace