• How To Warm Up Before Running In Winter

    How To Warm Up Before Running In Winter

    9th January 2019

    Warm up before running over winter to avoid triathlon injuries sneaking up on you in the cold It’s freezing, it’s dark, you’re off for a run and you haven’t even warmed up properly. How are your poor muscles ever going…

  • How To Prevent Foot Stress Fractures

    How To Prevent Foot Stress Fractures

    5th November 2018

    How to prevent running impact from causing stress fractures of the foot Stress fractures in the foot are usually caused by the feet’s weight-bearing bones cracking because of the pressure of repeated strikes against hard surfaces that you incur when…

  • Perfect Your Gait

    Perfect Your Gait

    4th September 2017

    Combine speed work and technique training this winter and you will run faster and more efficiently, with fewer injuries.

  • Refresh Your Run

    Refresh Your Run

    2nd June 2017

    Be drill happy with Mersey Tri’s, Zoe Brunton Run drills are often pushed aside in triathlon training to make more time for the main set or simply because we don’t know how beneficial they can be. We spend hours in…

  • Save Your Legs

    Save Your Legs

    24th December 2016

    Phil Mosley explains simple ways to help you run faster at your next triathlon. Let’s face it, nobody enters triathlons because they’re easy. We all accept it’s a tough sport and that aching legs are to be expected. At the…

  • 11 Ways To Run Faster Off The Bike

    11 Ways To Run Faster Off The Bike

    12th September 2016

      Mikael Eriksson of Scientific Triathlon explains how you can train and race to run faster off the bike in your next triathlon.     I’m sure you’ve had several “my legs aren’t working” experiences when running out of T2…