• What does it take to run a Marathon?

    What does it take to run a Marathon?

    24th April 2016

    Strava, a social network for athletes, has revealed a unique insight into marathon training across all abilities and what it takes to complete a sub 3-hour marathon. Strava analysed the data of over 4,000 runners who uploaded their training and…

  • Perfect your gait

    Perfect your gait

    1st February 2016

    Combine speed work and technique training this winter and you will run faster and more efficiently, with fewer injuries.

  • Stretching before you run

    13th November 2015

    Leanne Garner continues her training tips with her pre-run essentials. High knees These activate the gluteal muscles, engage the core as well as stretch the hip flexors and hamstrings. Bring your knees high as you run, driving with your arms and engage your…

  • How to put your running to the fore

    16th October 2015

    Berkshire Tri Squad coach Gope Walker explains why you should avoid the dreaded heel strike and easy ways to fix it There are many ways of running faster, but the biggest issue I find that slows runners down is the dreaded heel strike. Forefront or mid…

  • Step up to a 70.3: Part 2

    9th October 2015

    Part two of our guide to getting up to the standard of a 70.3 Strategies for success Planning is an essential component of Ironman 70.3. This is especially true for your nutrition and also your training. Here’s how best to prepare…

  • Step up to a 70.3: Part 1

    8th October 2015

    If you’re thinking about going long but not sure where to start, we’ve got all the answers. Words Phil Mosley. Images Ironman / Getty Images An Ironman 70.3 is the first step into the world of long-distance triathlon. With its 1.9km swim,…

  • Pick up your running pace

    8th September 2015

    Incorporate plyometric moves into your warm ups and they will allow you to run faster and reduce risk of injury, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews 1) Skips: This is a relaxed double hop on each foot, bringing your knee level with your…

  • 5 tips to ace your Ironman run

    29th July 2015

    Ironman is the ultimate challenge for triathletes. The sheer distances involved (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run) make it not only a physical challenge, but a mental and intellectual one too… It’s such a tough event that imperfections in your training, equipment and nutrition become magnified and can affect you tenfold towards the…

  • Use T2 to run quicker

    18th July 2015

    Get ready for a faster run in your next race by spending a few seconds longer in second transition… Bagging a faster run time in your next triathlon isn’t just about training hard for it (though that will help). Spending a few seconds extra in T2…