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In order to make the most of your workout it is necessary to look at the different types of activity that you are undertaking. Take cardiovascular strength for example. When we talk about cardiovascular exercise we mean things like running, cycling, swimming – the exercises that get our heart rates up and make us sweat.

One of the best tried and tested cardiovascular exercises is running. Whether you choose to do this outside or on the treadmill is up to you. Of course, running outside means that you can experience your surroundings and the outdoors, but in this modern day, running outside isn’t always feasible. Besides, running on a treadmill might actually be better for you and more useful.

Ever been running outside and suddenly felt that searing pain in the front of your legs? That could be due to the terrain on which you’re running. By switching to a treadmill, you’re lessening the impact on your joints, as the bottom of the treadmill has a ‘padded’ feel to it, so that when you’re running you’re not constantly slamming your feet on the hard ground. Want that natural incline that you can find on an outdoor run? No worries, most treadmills give you the option to change the incline of your run, and many can even create ‘workouts’ for you to follow that vary the incline and speed so you get that ‘outside’ feel, without the danger of cars or threat of awful weather.

Furthermore, choosing to run on the treadmill means that you can track many parts of your workout that running outside just wouldn’t to give you. So for example, you can check your calories burned, heart rate, calories per hour, distance… among other things. Also, on many treadmills it’s becoming easier and easier to keep fit and also to keep up with your latest TV shows with screens where you can watch television programmes and films.


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