It’s not much but what you do – Time to integrate some quality strength and conditioning into
your training, says Bath Amphibians coach Ben Matthews

strength conditioning

As with most endurance sports, there are significant performance gains to be had when you integrate a gym or core training session into your training week, so don’t discount the importance of supplementing training with such a workout.

A good quality strength and conditioning session can be done in less than two hours if you cover the basics well and in a time-efficient manner. The purpose of gym work for triathlon is to make your entire movement system stronger to avoid injury rather than put on large quantities of muscle or do any specific exercises.

Get your gym kit ready

Involve some heavy low-repetition squats and incorporate a push and pull upper body movement, as well as a lot of non-static core exercises.

strength conditioning 2

Deep squats

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, then bend at the knee keeping your back straight. When you can’t go any lower, push back up through your heels. 2 reps.

Repeat four times (minimum of two minutes rest between each set).

Front squats

Stand with the barbell under your chin, resting on your hands and the upper part of your chest. Maintain a high chest and squat in the same way as you would a deep squat. 3 reps. Repeat twice.

Bent over rows

Stand with your knees slightly bent and your back straight over a barbell. Keep your shoulders together, pulling the bar up to your torso.

Keep your core engaged to maintain balance. 4 reps. Repeat four times.

Bench press

Lie back on a bench with a weighted bar. Keeping your wrists straight, lower the bar to your chest, and squeeze it back up to just before the point where your elbows lock out. 1 rep. Repeat three times.


Lie on the ground or balance on a Swiss ball on your back. Engaging your core, squeeze your abdominals to pull yourself upwards. When you get as high as you can, lower slowly to the start point. 100 reps.

Side crunches

Lie on the floor or balance on a Swiss ball (this time on your side). Squeeze your oblique (side) muscles until you reach as high as possible, and lower slowly back to the start. 100 reps each side.

Legs side-to-side

Lie with your back flat and your legs straight in the air at 90 degrees. Then twist your core to move your legs slowly to the right, then to the left. 200 reps.

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