Get through duathlon T1

Save vital seconds in transition by following these simple steps.

Practice makes perfect

Use the week before the event to work on transition rather than cramming in last-minute training. Set up a transition area at home, and focus on smoothness and doing everything right. Work on the speed later.

Clip in 

If you’re using cycling shoes, then clip them into the pedals, and run to the mount line in socks rather than waddling on cleats. Alternatively use toe clips and keep your trainers on for the whole race.

Find a low gear 

Don’t waste time getting up to speed on two wheels. Leave your bike in a low gear so you can accelerate quickly out of transition rather than killing your legs with the 53×11.

Walk through

Once you’ve got everything set up, head to the entry of transition and walk the route you’ll take to your bike – and the way out again. Don’t be embarrassed to do this more than once, or put a bright towel by your bike so you can spot it from afar.

Tidy up 

Don’t just throw your shoes anywhere. Lining them up neatly might cost a few seconds in T1, but it’ll save you much more in T2.


Make sure you put your helmet on before touching the bike. The officials will be watching closely, especially at the front of the field, so don’t risk ruining your race with a time penalty or disqualification.

Switch number

If you’re wearing a number belt, then don’t forget to switch it round as you run out of transition so the number is on your back for the bike leg. This will stop it flapping in the wind and save you from a ticking off by the officials.

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