Triathlon Training: Fearless trail running style

Own the winter duathlon season and blitz your off-road runs with a fearless trail running style.

1. Switch your brain off

Well, not completely – but trust your instincts and don’t hesitate when you’re running off road. Let nerves affect you and you’ll stiffen up and trip over obstacles in your path, or you’ll end up slowing down and losing race places

Keep an eye on things

Just as you would when cycling or driving, you need to keep your eyes on the path ahead and be aware of potential hazards. The rougher the trail, the more important this is, especially if you are surrounded by other competitors who might be nervous.

2. Hold your core steady

Running off road is all about balance, and that comes from a strong core, so make sure yours is engaged during your race – and well trained before it.

3. Throw your arms out

On the road, driving your arms back and forth in a straight line can help keep your momentum up and encourage good form when you’re running. Off road, particularly when you’re running down hills, your arms play the equally crucial role of helping you to stay upright. Don’t be afraid to throw them out sideways to help you feel stable as you go.

Use gravity

When you’re running down trails, allow yourself to maintain a ‘controlled fall’, keeping ground contact time to a minimum to keep impact low.