Putting together your own circuits? We’ve teamed up with dhb to bring you a step by step guide to exercises that are great for triathletes.

Spiderman planks

We all know plank is good for core strength (and core strength is good for pretty much everything) but this variation gets a crunch into your side obliques, strengthening you all round – essential for strong swimming as well as agility in transition.

Start in a classic plank on your hands

Bend your left knee towards your left elbow, hold for a second, then return to start position.

Repeat on other side.

Jumping squats

Squats are great for stronger glutes, quads and hamstrings, all of which are needed for good running and cycling form. Changing it to a plyometric exercise (jumping) ramps up the strength training as you need more power to perform the jump, plus it adds in some cardio.

Start in a squat position, go lower, then, pushing through your heels and glutes, spring up into a jump.

Land with soft knees going straight back into the squat position and carrying on to the next jump.

Walking lunges + twist

Another excellent move for cycling and running as the deep lunge pushes your range of movement further than it would go when running or on a bike, strengthening your glutes and hamstrings. Adding a twist challenges balance, strengthening your core for swimming.

Step into a lunge position with your back knee lowering as close to the floor as you can manage. Turn your torso in the direction of the leading leg (if left leg is forward, twist to left). Try to keep hips square, turning your upper body.

Push off the back foot and swing that foot forward to start another lunge. When down in this lunge, perform the twist. Continue.


Another plank variation, this will challenge your balance by removing two stabilisers (arm and leg) at the same time, forcing your body to find a new balance/centre of gravity. The opposite limbs moving at the same time will also take the work into your obliques. It also puts more weight on one shoulder each time to add strength there. Great for swimming.

Start in a plank position on your hands.

Lift one arm out ahead of you and the opposite leg off the floor.  Hold for a second or two, then swap.

Try to make sure you don’t dip your head/flex you neck. Concentrate on keeping a good plank form – don’t let your hips hike or drop.

Tricep dips

Strong triceps are essential for swimming, so you need to build in exercises to isolate and work this muscle.

Find a bench or wall – any height will do but the best is a few feet off the ground so that you can get really low and exercise through your whole range of movement.

Sit on the edge and rest the heels of your hands on the edge, with fingers face the same direction that you’re looking.

Transfer your weight into your hands and bring your body forward so you are clear of the bench. Bending your elbows behind you, lower yourself towards the ground as far as you can, then back up. Repeat.

The easiest version of this exercise is with your knees bent and feet near your body. To make it harder, position your feet further away, like our model.

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