Go long but do it the right way with coach Phil Mosley’s six week Ironman plan in association with Healthspan Elite…

Boost your fitness and confidence for your Ironman

Welcome to one of the most important training plans we’ll ever publish. If ever there was an event where you needed a plan, Ironman is it. It’s a punishing triathlon that involves a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run. With distances like these you can hardly afford to invent your workouts as you go along.

Perhaps the most crucial phase of training for an Iron distance triathlon is the last six weeks. This is when it’s easy to come unstuck. It’s a time when you’ll naturally worry about your fitness and make rash training choices. In the last six weeks you are more likely to do too much training rather than not enough and it’s all too common to pick up a virus or injury with three weeks to go.

This plan will guide you all the way up to race day. There are some big workouts, to boost your confidence and teach you about realistic pacing. There are plenty of recovery periods to allow your body to adapt and heal after the tough long stuff. This sensible balance of work and rest will help you avoid illnesses and niggling injuries.

Do as many of the sessions as you can, but listen to your body and miss bits out if you’re excessively tired. You can move sessions around to different days as long as they’re within the same week. Try to space them sensibly so you don’t do the hardest workouts on consecutive days. Avoid trying to catch up on missed sessions by bunching several within a day or two as this will upset your training balance and make you more prone to illness and injury.

Check out the key and the training zones below to get the details right, but it’s not worth getting too obsessive about tiny differences in training zones as they’re only a guide. The important thing is that you do the training.

There are also detailed solo swim sessions. However, you may be better off doing coached group sessions so that you get some feedback on your stroke. I’ve also included open water swim sessions and the more you can practise the better. Swimming in a river, lake or ocean feels totally different from your local pool.

Is this the plan for you?

Goal: To boost fitness and confidence for an Ironman

Time scale: Six weeks

Start point: To follow this plan you will need to be able to swim for 60 minutes, cycle four hours and run two and a half hours

Level: Advanced

Boost your fitness and confidence for your Ironman

Download the boost your fitness and confidence for your Ironman triathlon training plan.

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