Training Plans

Copy of felix_richmond_park_1200-20There is a plan for every distance, whether you are a novice or an experienced triathlete. Along with event specific plans, you can find plans that will support you with every aspect of training. Have a look through the list, download and enjoy your training.

If you’re an absolute beginner, this four week plan will get you started – Download

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Sprint Distance
Olympic Distance
Half Ironman Distance
Ironman Distance
Support Plans

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Sprint Distance

 Sharpen Your Sprint Speed РDownload

Train for Your First Tri – Download

Two Sprint Specific Triathlon Plans – Download

Four Weeks to Your First Pool Based Sprint Tri – Download

Race a Faster Sprint in Six Weeks – Download

Twelve Week London Triathlon Plan – Download

Age-Group Qualification in 12 Weeks – Download


Olympic Distance

Train for Your First Tri – Download

Age-Group Qualification in 12 Weeks – Download

Race a Fast Olympic Distance – Download

Be At Your Best in Six Weeks – Download

Race An Olympic Distance in Twelve Weeks – Download

Winter Ballbuster

Half Ironman Distance ~ 70.3

Race Your First 70.3 – Download

Your Best Ever 70.3 – Download

Ironman 70.3 Fitness Building – Download

Eight Weeks to Go Top Ten in Your Age Group – Download

Three Month Foundation Plan – Download

Knock Minutes Off Your 70.3 Run Time – Download

Train for Ironman 70.3 This Winter – Download

Six Weeks to Race Day – Download


Ironman Distance

My First Ironman – Download

Twelve Weeks to Ironman – Download

Build Your Ironman Foundation – Download

Boost Fitness & Confidence for Your Ironman – Download

Ironman: The Final Countdown – Download

Winter Workouts for Ironman – Download

Conquer the Ironman – Download

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Four Week Duathlon Plan – Download

Autumn Duathlon – Download

Race a Duathlon – Download

There are also duathlon specific transition (T1) tips here and a guide to the perfect duathlon here.

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Boost Your Swim – Download

Swim Strong in Six Weeks – Download

Eight Week Swim SOS – Download

Blitz Your Swimming in Four Weeks – Download

Boost Your Open Water Swimming – Download

Brain Training for Swimmers – Download

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Bike Strong in Four Weeks – Download

Ride Your Fastest 15km in Six Weeks – Download

Boost Bike Power by 10 Watts – Download

Ride Faster in Six Weeks – Download

Get Your Cycling in Gear – Download

Climb 10secs Faster in Six Weeks – Download

Winter Ballbuster


Beat Shin Splints in Four Weeks – Download

It’s Time to Run Faster – Download

Build Your Run Speed – Download

Run Your Quickest 10km Ever – Download

Marathon Training Plan – Download

Improve Your Run Speed – Download


Support Plans

Lose Six Pounds in Four Weeks: Training & Nutrition – Download

Build Your Speed – Download

Hitting a Second Peak: Halfway Through The Season – Download

Train for a Triathlon Indoors – Download

One Last Speed Blast – Download

Off Season Training – Download

Six Weeks to Up Your Speed – Download

Two Winter Training Plans – Download

Spring Training Speed Boost – Download

Active Recovery Plan – Download

Four Weeks to a Stronger Spine – Download

Stay Fit and Recover Fast – Download

Building Your Fitness – Download

December & January Training Plan – Download

The New Year Triathlon Diet: Training & Nutrition – Download

Review Your Season in Four Easy Steps – Download