Alden Carbon announces the launch of a new Kickstarter fundraising program to bring the first high volume 100% carbon fiber bike tyre lever to market.


carbon1This new product is designed to be the one of the strongest and lightest levers on the market today. This lever is 100% carbon fiber and made in the USA.

The lever set will weigh in at an extremely lightweight 12 grams per set and are designed to fit into the average saddle bag and have an overall length of 105mm x 16mm wide, while being only 2.5mm thick.

They are created using 15 layers of twill weave pre-impregnated carbon fiber to meet the strength demands of the hardest to remove road tyres.
This Kickstarter project aims to raise enough funds to allow us to equip our shop with a new dedicated CNC milling machine and the other required equipment to meet the anticipated demand for this product worldwide.


This Kickstarter project has many funding options and will be online for the next 30 days.