Win a Powerbreather snorkel for training and recreation – three models available: the Sport, the Lap, and the Wave.

PowerbreatherWe are giving away three prizes, one of each model, worth £70 for the Sport, £80 for the Lap and £100 for the Wave.

The Ameo Powerbreather is a revolutionary training snorkel enabling swimmers to swim faster and further, keeping the head still to focus on technique, breathing in only fresh air, never stale recycled air, and without taking in mouthfuls of water even when holding your breath and swimming under water. It gives swimming a whole new dimension.  Ameo’s Powerbreather is perfect for triathletes wanting to build up cardio respiratory fitness, with speed and endurance training.

After experiencing the reassuring comfort and fit of the Powerbreather, its fresh air system, water exclusion, unobstructed vision, and progressive resistance training options, you will never return to an old-fashioned snorkel.

Powerbreathers now come with EASY Speed Vents , so breathing underwater feels even more natural. You can upgrade when ready to Medium and Power resistance Speed Vents for workouts with higher breathing resistance and hypoxic training.

All Powerbreathers come in a smart and convenient black zip case to keep your Powerbreather safe and tidy at all times.

For more information, please visit Powerbreather’s UK website.


This Competition Is Now Closed