Written by Ruth Wilson




“I took up duathlon/triathlon when I was diagnosed with parkinsons and with the help of former British TT Champion, Kevin Dawson I represented Great Britain at age group level.

2016: 4th European Duathlon

2015: 3rd Euro Duathlon/5th World Duathlon

2014: 6th Euro/4th World


This year I was very lucky to have a bike sponsored by British engineering company, Spencer-Group. This gave me the opportunity to train with the use of DI2 gearing as I struggle with standard gears on my affected side.


On 15th May I represented GB at Paratriathlon in the ITU WTE in Spain. To my horror my bike wasn’t UCI legal so I had to borrow my eldest daughter’s bike (which doesn’t have electric gearing). After each lap I became increasingly distressed due to the discomfort I endured when changing gears.


I am due to be racing in Strathclyde this weekend and I am dreading the bike leg. I have tried to hire a bike to compete in the event but I am unable to find one with the specs I need to race. Spencer-Group have been so generous with a bike for me and I am heartbroken that I cannot use it.”


Can You Help?

Ruth needs a 48 carbon TT frame (ITU regulation) with Di2 gearing.

If you can help please contact Tri Radar: triradar.ed@kelsey.co.uk

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