In September 2018 secondary school teacher, Laura Marshall, from Canberra, Australia, will attempt to become the first ever solo Australian woman to complete one of the world’s toughest ultra-endurance triathlons from London to Paris – the Enduroman Arch to Arc.

The event involves three gruelling legs with a 140km run from the Marble Arch in London to the coast of Dover, a 33km swim across the English Channel and finishes with a 292km cycle from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

As of the start of July 2018 there have only been 30 solo athletes to complete the truly challenging event, 7 of which have been women, since the event first started in 2001. However to date there have been no solo Australian woman attempt the remarkable feat, Laura Marshall will be the first.

Through completing this amazing event Laura hopes to inspire others and to show people that the only limits we have are the ones that we set ourselves. She hopes that by being an ordinary person completing an extraordinary task she can prove that we are all far more capable than what we think, we just need to believe it.

Laura is also passionate about holistic wellbeing and positive mental health and hopes to raise awareness and funds for beyondblue, a fantastic Australian organisation that helps make a difference in the lives of people who are affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. Laura has chosen to proudly support beyondblue due to her own personal journey with depression and has found that exercise has been one of her major coping strategies. Laura says that “It all started out with running, which became like my meditation. Since then the challenges have kept getting bigger and bigger.”.

At present Laura has no sponsorship and is working hard to raise funds to take part in the event with 50% of all donations raised through her GoFundMe page going directly to beyondblue.

If you’d like to support and follow Laura on her Enduroman Arch to Arc journey check out her website at for all the details on the event, links to her social media and her GoFundMe page to donate and follow the action.