The 10th Enduroman and its associated events will once again take place inside the stunning private estate at Avon Tyrrell, Hampshire during the long weekend of 5th – 8th May 2017. The event has been designed so that almost all the races finish on the same day creating an atmosphere that only can be experienced in the world of Enduroman.

These events will be taking place throughout the weekend and you can register your interest here.

Marathon (Saturday)   £33.00
Marathon (Sunday)   £33.00
Double Marathon (Saturday & Sunday)   £57.00
Run to Max 24 Hours   £40.00
Run to Max 48 Hours   £80.00
50 Mile Ultra (Saturday)   £65.00
100 Mile Ultra (Saturday)   £95.00
200 Mile Ultra (Friday)   £145.00
Half Enduroman (Sunday)   £90.00
Single Enduroman (Sunday)   £200.00
Double Enduroman 2 x 1 (Saturday & Sunday)   £330.00
Double Enduroman Continuous (Saturday)   £330.00
Swim (Saturday & Sunday)   £40.00

If you head over to the website, you can watch video footage of the swim, bike and run courses or stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter.