WellbriX is a portable deep tissue trigger point massage which aims to keep you supple and injury free.

Written by: Dr Caroline Keddie, founder of WellbriX

Repetitive actions in any form cause muscles to tighten overtime by forming knot like structures. With nearly all sports the body is being asked to repeat an action, whether it be running, cycling, jumping or hitting. Certain muscles are favoured and recruited continuously. Equally, different professions require constant use of specific muscles. Tight muscles can literally pull joints and nerves off kilter which leads to pain and injury.


My repetitive strain injuries came from my love of triathlon. I have lost count of the number of races I have completed and have conquered many distances including Ironman. In fact, it was during my Ironman training,while recovering from an injury, that WellbriX was born.
WellbriX 2
I had a recurring knee problem that nobody could get to the bottom of until I came across Neil Black; the now UK Athletics Director and Physiotherapist. Within weeks he had me fully fit by simply lengthening out the very tight muscles around my knee.I have been able to maintain this and prevent further injury ever since and wanted to develop a product that could help others to do the same.
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WellbriX is that product and comes in three different sizes; knuckle, thumb and  elbow sized brix. They are versatile and portable so they can be used anywhere.

Therapists learn how to tackle knots using deep tissue compression. Left untreated the muscle tends to become tighter and shorter overtime. It has also been shown that the knots occur in roughly the same place in muscles. This knowledge has allowed the development of Trigger Point maps showing therapists roughly where to put pressure to release tension and take the strain off joints and nerves.
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As the founder of WellbriX, I realised that we could not all afford the time, or money, for regular deep tissue massage. As a therapist and athlete I turned to rollers and balls but I found them ineffective for certain muscles and awkward to take anywhere. WellbriX are designed to be versatile and portable. They can be used at a desk or in front of the TV or can be packed in to a gym bag.  A little massage often is perfect for maintenance and injury prevention. They have been tested by Cycling Professionals, GB athletes, Premier League footballers, Golf and Tennis professionals and recreational athletes.
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WellbriX can be found for sale NOW on Kickstarter and will be available until 18 May at discounted prices. All information can be found on the WellbriX website and you can follow us on Twitter.