Whilst protein bars offer a convenient option for a pre and post workout pick-me-up, many dish up a long list of processed and unnatural ingredients. New bar on the block, Max’s Protein Bars, offer a naturally powered option, tasting as delicious as indulgent treats.

Created and developed by Max Dunmore, keen sportsman and gym enthusiast tired of being faced with bars packed with unrecognisable ingredients. With health in mind, Max embarked on a two-year long project exploring a more natural option rather than heading down a career path in the political field. The result – a protein bar with a clean list of few ingredients.

Designed to provide or replenish energy for a range of activity from gym sessions to long-distance cycling, each 60g bar offers balanced macronutrients of carbohydrate, healthy fats and an impressive 17g of protein. The bars are gluten, refined sugar and preservative free using only natural colourings and flavourings. This includes replacing the use of hydrogenated fats with coconut oil.

Developed and produced in England with specially sourced Whey protein from grass-fed cows, Max’s Protein Bars come in three delicious flavours: White Chocolate and Raspberry, Dark Chocolate and Cranberry and Apple, Oat and Cinnamon, each less than 225 calories.

Find Max’s Protein Bars online, available for purchase as single bars at around £2.20 or handy multipacks of 3 at £6 or 15 at £29.85.


TriRadar Says: Our team are fans of this new bar. It tastes like ‘real food’ and comes in three delicious flavours so there’s choice at an affordable price. All of ingredients are well thought through and you can get free shipping on your first order with the code NEWCUSTOMER.