No Quarter Paint

Written by James Langton, Director of No Quarter Paint


Triathlon and time-trial frames lend themselves to custom paintwork with their aerodynamic shapes with large flat surfaces and smooth lines.

We love receiving triathlon and time-trial frames, most of them are brand-new and the client is looking for something unique. We initially work with the client to discuss colours, stencils, decals and finishes.

90% of the triathlon frames we receive are carbon fiber. If they are supplied to us from a manufacturer, there’s no paintwork for us to strip. If any frame does have existing paint we do it all by hand, no rotary tools or chemicals. This is important with carbon as it can be a very delicate material to work with, structural integrity is unharmed during this process and it’s nice to know your frame has been taken care of and stripped by hand with abrasive paper. The way carbon is manufactured makes it very easy to go through the epoxy when refinishing.

The service we offer is something that I am extremely proud of. There has been extensive research into everything we do as each frame is individual and we have to cater for the needs of each client. We find a lot of the bikes we work on are worth in excess of £10,000; keeping everything clinically clean and paying attention to the finish is our main concern.

Triathlon riders are usually looking for outgoing frame colours. We have painted many fluorescent, multi-coloured frames for individual riders and teams.

We are working with small, independent manufacturers and large businesses to be able to create a unique design which is something that requires a lot of research and development. What works on the computer doesn’t always look great in real life, there is a lot of work with masking tape, sketching and paint mixing to achieve something aesthetically pleasing.

Having something unique is a real treat, discussing your ideas with a painter, reviewing designs and seeing your bike take shape is a fantastic experience to make your bike a little more personal.


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