The IRONMAN® has become increasingly popular in recent years – not only among men, but also among women. For the first time three Mercedes Benz sponsored women are among the competing athletes, the ‘PowerLadies’: Åsa Lundström, Anja Beranek and Kaisa Lehtonen.



As part of this webclip we visit Anja Beranek from Herrenberg, Stuttgart and Kaisa Lehtonen from Finnland. They redefine the boundaries of the IRONMAN® sport time and again via hard training, plenty of diligence and an unbelievable devotion to their sport. The sport IRONMAN®, which requires mastering 2.4mi of swimming, 112mi of cycling, and 26,2mi of running, one needs an unbelievable physical and mental strength to exceed their limits over and over again.


The film accompanies Anja Beranek and Kaisa Lehtonen at their training camp on Mallorca, Spain where they are talking about their passion for Ironman, in which they push themselves to the limit, give each other tips, and just chat!


Furthermore, the film accompanies Anja Beranek to her home in Herrenberg, where she discusses her daily routine packed with sport, her career and her partner. She openly talks about the fact that the triathlon itself, even as a single sport, just functions in cooperation with her partner. Her entire focus is based on her life-style, healthy food and training hard. This is what makes her strong.