Essential sun protection for Ironman from the best in the business

Riemann P20 sun protection spraySunscreen is often overlooked by triathletes, but with three pale Brits on Team Felt Triathlon Plus, it’s a must for Ironman Austria, which is why the team will be using the best – Riemann P20.

Temperatures have varied at Klagenfurt over the last few years, but watching highlights from the last two editions of the event has shown how oppressive the heat can be – witness Triathlon Plus‘s very own Phil Graves wilting in the glare of the sun.

Like Phil, Tom and Liz are both fair haired and light-skinned – and easy targets for the sun.

“When I raced in Abu Dhabi last year, I was careful to use sunscreen after the swim, but in the mania of transition, I forgot to coat the back of my hands, which fried in the middle-eastern heat,” says Tom. “Now that we’ve got P20 on board, I’m not going to have to worry about re-applying before getting on the bike, which takes a load off the mind.”

That’s beacuse P20 has been rated as ‘Very Water Resistant’, the highest classification available, meaning that it retains the same protection category after swimming as before.

The benefits for triathletes go way beyond waterfastness though. P20 is the only sunscreen that lasts for 10 hours without repeated applications, which will suit the team perfectly at Ironman Austria.

“I’ve still got the sunburn scars from when I races Ironman Switzerland,” says Liz. “I’m definitely going to load up with P20 to keep the sun at bay this time around.”

As well as being available in factor 15, 20, 30 and 50+ protection, P20 uses a simple spray-on applicator, making it a cinch to apply quickly in transition. It’s not sticky or too oily either, making it a hassle-free process to get protected.

“My plan is to have a bottle of P20 in my run transition bag and give myself a spray before beginning the marathon,” says Tom. “I’ll hopefully have a few hours of protection left from the pre-race application, but I’ve no idea how long I’ll be over those hot 26.2 miles!”

Find out more about Riemann P20 here.