Put simply, 21 days of 70.3 efforts in a different city each day.

jeff1The 21 day journey was created to bridge Jeff Fairbanks and the project, to the community voice of WHY WE TRI. The journey took place in July, 2016, enduring 70.3 efforts in a different city each day for 21 days.

The 70.3 efforts were performed in the recognized format of swim-bike-run, beginning with the swim (1.2 miles), transitioning to the bike (56 miles) followed by a final transition to the run (13.1 miles) as the final discipline each day,  totaling 70.3 miles.

The mission was to capture the community voice of , and the journey was created to be the bridge to get there. Along the way, Jeff was joined by community members, sharing their story of WHY and how triathlon changed their lives.

The goal was for Jeff never to swim, bike or run alone.

Watch the video and we’ll feature Jeff’s journey on TriRadar soon.