Declan Loy is a business consultant, author and entrepreneur from Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. At present Declan aka IronDad is attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Records and complete 30 70.3 races within 12 months around the world for a not for profit organisation called Super You.

Declan is not an athlete but just an ordinary family man who has taken this amazing challenge upon himself, in order to raise funds for a charity that he, himself set up with the help of a some friends that too wanted to make a difference.

Declan LoyThe charity they set up themselves is called Super You.  Super You is a charity that focuses on empowering young people and their mental health.

Too often we hear of young people taking their own lives due to difficulties they are facing as they do not have the correct skills and or have not been taught  or not aware of the coping mechanisms.   Statistics show that Northern Ireland has the highest suicide rate in the UK. While Ireland has the fourth highest rate of suicide amongst teenagers in the EU.  Often families and friends are left to pick up the pieces of these devastating situations, Super You wants to combat this.

Declan says “We go to the gym to look after our bodies, but we don’t seem to know how to look after our minds. I am saddened when I hear and see stories of young people using anti-depressants, self-harm or alcohol to try and help them cope with challenges that life throws at them. It’s even more heart breaking when you hear of a teenager or anyone for that matter taking their own life, which affects a family forever. 

I thought about this over a long period of time and just thought to myself, I need to do something, I need to make a difference in some shape or form that may save someone or help even one person in some way. I’ve always been a very positive person and so the idea of setting up a charity called Super You to me was the perfect way to go. 

I have young kids of my own and I want them to grow up with coping skills and for them to know that it’s okay not to be okay! I also wanted to help young people identify their talents and make them aware that anything you put your mind to is possible”

The Super You team is made of up Declan Loy, James McGrath and Steven J. James is a life coach and specialises in helping people who suffer from depression and Steven specialises in human development.  Declan’s World Record Attempt is Super You’s first fundraising initiative and what a challenge it is. He has completed 20 70.3 triathlons to date.  Most recently he completed Challenge Riccione in Italy and will race again this Sunday the 13th of May in France.

The Super You team and Declan really welcomes and encourages the people of Northern Ireland to get behind this Guinness World Record Challenge.

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