15 fresh workouts, the best trainers for everyday running reviewed, plus a free six-week Ironman training plan

Triathlon Plus Issue 66

Triathlon Plus Issue 66

Triathlon Plus issue 66 is out now – check out all the triathlon training, gear and motivational brilliance in this month’s edition.

  • Smash Your Limits

15 new workouts to get you racing faster, harder and feeling stronger.

  • Seven New Ways To Ride Faster

Vary your bike training and see the results, Coach Garth Fox shows you how.

  • “I fought back from paralysis”

Chris Aldred didn’t let a life-threatening infection keep him out of Ironman.

  • Living The Dream

EK Lidbury is spreading her wings and readying for race season.

  • Graves’ Concerns

After ten years in the sport you can still learn important lessons, Phil Graves got one at IM New Zealand.

Number One for Gear

  • 10 Everyday Trainers

We run in and review the best trainers

  • 4 Ultra-Aero Rides

One of these bikes is literally, illegally fast. Find your next dream aero-bike here.

  • 8 Triathlon Saddles

Get in a snug, comfy, aero tuck on one of these tri-specific saddles.

  • Object Of Desire

The SwiftCarbon Neurogen TT bike has got us wondering about our credit card limits.

  • Brand New Kit

New tri gear tested, including a top-quality, low-price technical tee and Powerbar’s newest electrolyte tablets.

Training Zone

  • Change What’s Normal

Evaluate your version of what ‘normal’ training is and your previous PB could become a slow and distant memory.

  • Perfect Your Single Arm Stroke

One single drill to improve your catch, breathing and body rotation.

  • More Speed, Less Fatigue

Improve your running speed without compromising on strength or energy.

  • Banish Your Race Nerves

Don’t less stress compromise your confidence, Dr Victor Thompson shows you how to nix those race-day nerves.

  • Ironman: The Final Countdown

Toe the Ironman start line in peak condition with this free training plan.

  • Check Your Race Run Form

Check your running form and don’t succumb to fatigue slump..