Check out what to expect in the May 2015 issue (issue 79) of Triathlon Plus magazine from editor, Liz Hufton…

Triathlon Plus magazine May cover 2015

As an adult, skills that came naturally when you were a child can seem difficult to master, and plenty of things you had to put effort into when you were young now seem simple. Take the triathlon disciplines. We take it for granted that running is a natural progression from walking as a child. Try a sustained burst as an adult, and you might feel differently. Then there’s swimming. Who didn’t love jumping in the pool as a kid? And who has witnessed their tiny children seemingly morph into mer-people in the water?

Cycling is the other way round though. It’s tricky to learn to ride, as any parent who’s run along behind a kid on stabilisers will know. But they say that once learnt it’s never forgotten – so it’s no surprise that the bike part of a tri is the bit we’re most likely to take for granted, as adults. We might splash out on a bit of fancy kit or mess around with our riding position a bit, but take a look around next time you’re watching an age-group bike leg. See how many people are using it as a chance for a breather, even chatting to other competitors. In the second part of our guide to becoming the complete triathlete, we’re challenging you all to take your riding more seriously – then getting your next PB will be child’s play.

Liz Hufton, Editor Triathlon Plus