Liz Hufton gives a summary of what’s in store for Triathlon Plus Issue 80…

Triathlon Plus Issue 80 Cover

My love of running took me completely by surprise. I took it up grudgingly at 19 to stay in shape, and even after staggering home dizzy from my first five-minute effort, I was hooked immediately. Through long periods of injury when I wasn’t able to run, I must have been unbearable to be with.

That time off led me to triathlon though, and a whole new passion. Even better, once I’d recovered my fitness with swimming and cycling, I could just about run again. Perfect! The only trouble was that on the day of my first Olympic-distance tri, running – my first love – let me down. I got off the bike and… well, you probably know how it felt. My legs wouldn’t obey. I’d forgotten that I wasn’t there to run – I was there to race a triathlon.

I’ve got better at triathlon running over the years but I still see people clearly going through the same horrible realisation whenever I watch a tri race. Worse, I speak to triathletes who have resigned themselves to being ‘bad runners’ and just slogging around the end of their races. That’s not how it should be – the run should be your glory leg! This issue we’re going to show you how to get strong enough to enjoy the final part of your tri races (see page 26).

Liz Hufton, Editor