Debbi Marco – the new editor of Triathlon Plus – takes us through the latest issue packed with tri tips… 

Triathlon Plus Issue 81

New is good. Whether it be new kit, a new challenge or perhaps a new editor. Luckily for Triathlon Plus readers, you get all three in this month’s issue.

We’ve got our mitts on the latest in wearable tech in the form of the new Recon Jet eyewear and have put some of the best climbing bikes through their paces.

Be prepared to be seriously inspired as former Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt talks all things triathlon as she gets ready to race less than six months after giving birth. Okay, so it may be just a Tri It distance but we all started out as newbies once. And if you are plucking up the courage to try a triathlon for the first time, don’t miss our six-week training plan guaranteed to get you across the finish line.

For those with bigger goals in your sights, then you’d be mad to skip our guide to racing your fastest Ironman ever. Packed full of training advice and race day tips, it’s everything you need to get that PB.

As for me, I’m strictly a sprint distance girl for now and I’ll be cutting my teeth this season at the Vitality World Triathlon, London on 31 May. So if you’re near Hyde Park, please come and cheer me on as nothing motivates me more than the thought of public humiliation.

Debbi Marco

Debbi Marco, Editor

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