Editor Debbi Marco highlights what to expect in the latest issue of Triathlon Plus magazine…

Triathlon Plus issue 83

Chatting to Jodie Stimpson for this issue was a total pleasure. Not only is she fun, enthusiastic and hardworking, she’s just like us in that she struggles to fuel herself properly.

It’s a familiar balancing act of not wanting to gain weight as that makes competition harder but needing to be strong enough to climb hills and stay buoyant in the water. It’s a fine line, but while Jodie has a personal nutritionist on hand to help, we’re not all so lucky. That’s why in this issue we’ve spoken to experts to reveal exactly what you need to eat during training and how to get the most out of your body on race day (p36). Plus we take a look at how important race weight really is (TZ p11).

This issue is packed with some great training guides too. Coach Phil Mosley explains how to beat those open water swimming fears once and for all (p28) and how to make sure you don’t burn out in the weeks before your Ironman (TZ p12). Plus we show you how to tumble turn so you can get the most out of your pool sessions (TZ p4).

We’ve tested 15 men’s tri suits to an inch of their lives (p54) with some surprising results. Don’t worry ladies, we’re testing some women’s tri suits next issue. Good luck to everyone racing and don’t forget to let us know how you do on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Debbi Marco

Debbi Marco, Editor

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