Debbi Marco takes us through issue 84 of Triathlon Plus and introduces some new features…

Triathlon Plus issue 84

You may notice something different about this issue of Triathlon Plus and that’s because we’ve been working hard to make your favourite triathlon magazine even better. Make sure you check out our new look Training Zone section. Each issue will be guest edited by a different triathlon club, and to kick off our first one we have the fantastic Bath Amphibians. Coach Ben Matthews reveals training tips and tricks as well as what the club sessions are focusing on this month. Don’t miss our new On our Radar page which has a first look at the latest products and gear, and £1,000 worth of giveaways too!

We’ve still got all your favourites, including product and kit tests, now grouped together in a handy section as well all the latest news and race reports.

Take some time to read Ali Robinson’s story in our “We’re inspired…” section. Ali credits his triathlon strength for saving his life and aiding his recovery after a nasty bike crash. His story is truly incredible and he’s now back to racing Iron distance triathlons. An extra factor to Ali’s survival is that he was wearing a helmet. It’s an obvious safety precaution, so why do I see so many cyclists without one? As Ali’s story shows, it doesn’t matter how good you are, events beyond your control can cause a crash. My cousin is currently battling with concussion after coming off his bike at 30mph. If he hadn’t been wearing a helmet he’d be suffering much more serious injuries. So if you know someone who is about to head out cycling without a helmet, please ask them to think again. You could save their life. That’s the lecture over with. I hope you enjoy the magazine and I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts.

Debbi Marco

Debbi Marco, Editor

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