Andre Bekker is a former South African pro cyclist turned age group triathlon sensation.  He now owns and runs fifth dimension coaching and is helping athletes globally reach their potential.

Andre had 18 Ironman event wins, several course records, and during 2018 was ranked world number one in the Ironman rankings. We had a great chat with Andre as he lets us know what it takes to consistently dominate an Ironman age group, find out what it was like racing Greg LeMond just after he had won the Tour de France, a fascinating interview packed full of tips! 

In this episode we find out:

  • What advice would you give yourself if you could go back and share your wisdom with yourself?
  • We have often talked about mindset and its importance do you want to share your thought on why this is important?
  • You have had so much success as an athlete and were top of your game for a long time, how do you maintain consistency
  • How did you balance work, life and training?
  • Can you talk us through your favourite race and why it’s your favourite?
  • What has been your biggest disappointment and what have you learned from it?



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